Why Poland?

If I could earn a dollar every time I answer this question I would be rich. As a foreigner, I think this is the most common question you will be asked.

Here is the background.  I lived in the University’s dormitory where I could have 3 parties in a day. I met a lot of people and I had a lot of conversations. All of them started with a “Why Poland?” after I introduced myself.

At the beginning it was nice to talk about it, I used to reply with a medium-long answer explaining the same reasons I did on my About me post . However after the 20th time on the same day… I ended up saying “Because I want something different and it’s cheaper than some other countries. The food is tasty (OFC the girls are incredibly beautiful but it is obvious).

Nowadays I think I could fall in love with any country. But Poland has all those small details that make me more curios. They make me wonder why? What is the reason behind the scared faces of people when I visit my friends in a small town? Why do Poles form huge queues before boarding a plane.  Why is the same guy (Lector) translating all foreign movies? Why do they complain all the time? Etc.

People still ask me the same question from time to time. My short reply is reduced now to “I am married to a Polish girl” and it explains the rest. Of course during a nice talk I mention the long one.

Poland has awesome mountains. Gorgeous parks. Incredible history and culture. Tasty food and much more.  So every day I ask myself the same question. “Why Poland?”

The answer is always the same.

Poland is a country to be discovered and I want to know all its secrets.