Residence Card in Poland (Karta Pobytu)

The first time when I got my resident card was… let’s say easier than now with my second one.

How I got my residence card

In order to get it by first time I only needed to:

  • – Register myself in the city I live in Tychy (Zameldowac).
  • – Translate all my documents to Polish (legal version).
  • – Go to the main immigration office in the region (Katowice).
  • – Fulfill the application form and attach as much documents as possible to prove that I am eligible to live and stay in Pl.
  • – Wait for the officers to visit my place so they can review my status, lifestyle and to check if I am truly married with my wife (The Officers didn’t lose the chance to ask our neighbours about me).
  • – Receiving a letter saying that my case is being taken (After 3 months when it should be actually done).
  • – Then another letter with the decision… It was a yes.  I must say.
  • – Going again to immigration office (Urząd Wojewodzki) to pay the fee to issue my card.
  • – Going again…… yes. Again to Urząd Wojewodzki office to pick up my card.

Yes. “As simple as this” I was able to get my Karta Pobytu. (It lasted 5 months).

I got a short period one (2 years) and now that I am applying again they gave me one for 3 years.

The city and region in general is changing more and more with a huge rate of foreigners coming to Poland and yes also to Katowice or Silesia region.

More people coming to Poland

3 years ago I was able to get in contact only with international companies either in Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw. But now more companies are opening their offices in Katowice and cities nearby. You can translate this as an increase of paperwork in immigration offices because of the big number of positions on these multi-national companies that are covered by immigrants like I do.

So… this time the process of re-issuing a new resident card wasn’t as “short” as the last time. This occasion the process last 9 months and 6 of them I had to carry my passport with me everywhere and a copy of my “in process of getting a new resident card” application copy so I can prove that I am living in Poland legally.

Picking up my card

Ok, ok, let’s not complain and let my polish side behind (complaining part). I am on the very last stage of the process. Picking up my resident card. You could say it’s the easiest step. But I tell you what. I’ve been stocked in the queue for a whole day (8 hours) since 7:30 in the morning waiting for number to show up in the screens so I can go inside the office and pick up my card.

Yes. Yes. A whole day wasted in the queue. Waiting without eating so I can get my new card.

If you are about to start the process I wish you all the luck in the world. The process is long (too long to be honest) but it is what it is.

The key to succeed is,

– Have all your papers ready.

– Get 2 copies of each document.

– But overall…. #patience

As I said. Yes. The process is long and I wish you the best if you are about to start.

If you will ask for your residence car by first time. Here is the link where you can find all the information.

See you next time.