Poland vs Mexico – Work

So many people frequently ask me Why Poland and not Mexico and one big reason is my job.

In Poland when you look for a job and you get it you receive the famous “Letter of intent” that will secure your job so you can stop looking (if you want) and resign from your current one. I must say it is nice because in Mexico you will get the email with the yes and then you will sing your contract. Once it’s signed you can leave your current job. In Poland the moment you get the letter of intent and you reply with a simple “yes” and that will have you covered.

Up to this point there aren’t big differences, right? Well, here it comes the important part.

Notice Period

In Poland you have something called “Notice Period“. It is the number of days/weeks/months you need to inform your current employer before leaving the company. It is proportional to the time you have been working for the company. If you have fixed-term (czas okeslony) or indefinite time (czas nieokeslony).

If you have been working for,

  • Less than 6 months -2 weeks
  • Less than 3 years – 1 month
  • More than 3 years – 3 months

Once you inform your HR Department, they will decide if you will need to work to the very last day of your contract or if you will need to take the remaining days of holidays. The same notice period will apply if they fire you.

In Mexico… Well… I don’t know the labor code well enough but I can say if you resign it can be effective the very same day (ouch) and they will pay you just the proportional to your salary up to that day. If they fire you it could be the same day too (2x ouch) you will get a compensation for the time you have been working (I don’t know the amount or rules).

I am an immigrant just like many others and the easiest way to find a job is on big corporations like Capgemini, SGS, Metronics, MoneyGram, GE, Fujitsu, CISCO, etc. All of them offer stable jobs (Full time – permanent) with access to the public and private medical care and last but not least multisport card that will allow you to practice more than 25 diff sports for free.

Types of Contracts

In Mexico… Not all companies offer stable contract. Not all of them have benefits and not all of them give you access to the public medical care or retirement plan. It is hard to find a job with the same benefits like here in Poland.

Now that we are talking about contracts (Like if it wasn’t enough) Holidays are a big thing here.

In Poland if you have less than 10 years of experience you are entitle of 20 working days off and if you have more than 10 you have 26 days off. Oh and I almost forgot in Poland by law you need to take 10 consecutive days off (2 weeks) so you can rest properly.

In Mexico well… when you are starting you have one week of holidays only after have been working for a full year in the same company (3x Ouch). As you gain experience and you get better jobs the number of days off grows but not even close to 20.

Now you know one big reason why I am living in Poland and not Mexico.

I can survive the winter with -25°C that’s not a problem but having 1 week of holidays… Thanks but no thanks.

Would you rather live in Mexico or Poland?

Let me know what you think.