My first day in Wroclaw

I arrived for first time to Europe on Sunday, February 17th, 2013. I flew from Mexico City to Frankfurt then to Wroclaw, with a 6 hours connection, waiting there, at the airport with no internet connection or any communication device.

On the On-boarding stage I experienced the first polish habit. Making a huge queue before even the plane’s doors were open. The seats were numbered and it appeared to be a fly with no more than 50% capacity, still I felt from them a sense of urgency to take the plane as fast as possible and the queue was growing each minute. Inside the plane a girl stole my place but I had it back after asking her nicely “hey, this is my spot” and receiving a reply like never before “ooh yes, but there are some other free, you can take any”. Now I think that my super angry face scared her so she moved finally.

I think it was the first time that I felt as a foreigner (I wasn’t at home any longer) because 85% of the persons on the plane were speaking polish.

I waited for my suitcase for around 1 hour. Finding it in a not very usable status; the handler and one wheel were broken.

My friends were waiting for me. We waited for bus outside the airport in order to get to the city center. Then we used a tram which stopped suddenly in middle of the way to the dormitories… there was no apparent reason because there was not any snow/ice on the rails, the driver sad something in polish and got out of the tram.

I had to carried my 25 kg suitcase for more than 1 km before getting to the place… I was super tired due to the long trip. The connection. The emotions. I had to carry the heavy bag and all I wanted was a bed and take a quick nap before school. It was Monday already (1:00 am) and my introduction course stated at 9 am.

It was the first time I felt far far away from home, mainly because the receptionist was a 65 years old lady who only spoke super-fast polish and apparently there was a problem with my room, finally after 30 minutes they gave me the key, room number and a blanket/pillow. I went to the 6th floor room no. 24. (624) it was a 3 bed room, nobody was there except for two flags, one from Malaga and another from Valencia… my roommates were from Spain. I took out of the suitcase all my clothes, then a shower, I admired the view from the window….there was bit of ice but nothing special, it was 3 am and I went to sleep my first day at school was waiting for me and I needed to rest.
I woke up due to a weird sound, it was snowing (first day at school and first time I saw the snow)… I dressed up quickly then I joined my other colleagues at 8:30 am, we went by tram to the university.

After entering into the building I realized something… my new life has just started.