Holidays in México – Cancún

Summer just passed, Autumn is hitting hard on Poland and winter is about to begging.You start planning your winter holidays look for places. Where to go? How to arrive? You ask your colleagues for options, testimonies and more. Suddenly someone recommends you Mexico and to be more specific Cancún.

You stop for a moment to think about the idea. It is far from Europe. You need to cross the ocean and the tickets are more expensive. The all-inclusive package for Greece in a 4 stars hotel looks so good however Mexico keeps sticking around your head.

The research about México and its culture gives you more and more motivation to visit it. The food. The beaches. The culture. The food. The sea… The beaches… The beaches… The beaches… The food.

The beginning of the adventure

Finally a good promo shows and you take it with no hesitation what so ever. All-inclusive package. You take the flight and after 12 hours of continuous flight (from Warsaw) you arrive to Mexico.

Your hotel sent a SUV and it is waiting to take you to the hotel. The receptionist checks you in. You open your room and you have a wonderful view of the blue-green sea with its magnificent waves and palm trees along the beach.

You spend a very good time in Cancún, Mexico. On your 10-14 days stay you visited the zone. “The city”(Zona Hotelera), pubs, nightclubs (Coco Bongo-Mandala), Chichén Itzá (one of the new seven wonders of the world) you taste very good “traditional food” at the hotel (because you have buffet) then the end comes and another 12 hours later you are back in Poland.

Back to daily life

Back to you work and daily basis life you share your experiences in Mexico. Yes, it was wonderful. Cancún, Playa Del Carmen. Tulum. Chichén Itzá. Isla Mujeres. You were shocked by Mexico and how amazing my country is…. I am very glad you liked my country because it is amazing. Hands down but you missed one little detail.

You only visited the touristic parts. “Private beaches” and “Zona Hotelera” you took the tours offered by your hotel… but you didn’t visit the little markets in the city. You didn’t visit where normal people lives and goes.

You didn’t see the true face of México, where locals lives. Where the persons that were making your bed and offering you more margaritas live. You only visited the touristic parts that sometimes for average people are almost a dream that will never come true…

I spend 1 month of holidays and I visited Cancún and all those other places that I mentioned before but with a twist. I was a local tourist in my own country. I didn’t take all-inclusive package (just one day) or paid tours (just once just to try) because it was not my goal.

I will show you the other side of the Mexico, the other side of the coin that many tourists don’t see or are not interested in and this part is as good or even better

The life of a local person.