Holidays in Mexico – Best street food in Cancún

If you are a person who likes tacos and mexican street food in general then you have to visit “Las Palapas park” and if you are new to mexican food there is no better place to get you started like this one.

Note: The food is so good that you might gain weight after your trip.

In Cancún there is no better place to try real mexican street food like in “Las Palapas park”. Located 10 minutes walking from ADO bus station makes it an accessible place and you will find the best street food in the city and delicious desserts as well if you have some space left on your stomach.

Either if you go in the morning, midday or at night the stores are open however I suggest you to go at night for a simple reason. The singer. This guy sings any kind of music from 80’s mexican music to Despacito while dancing. The atmosphere is so full of good energy and the show makes it even better. What a best way to end your day than with live music and street food.

Order in any store, pick your table and wait for them to call you. Add beans, red onion, lemon (always put lemon) and any sauce of your preference (spicy or not) then just enjoy your food and the show.

Note 1: Always, Always ask what sauce is not spicy and even if they tell you which one make sure and taste it before putting it on your food. Trust me.

Note 2: When you order your burrito, tacos or whatever people will ask you what meat you want on it and you will need to choose between:

  • Chorizo
  • Asada (Grilled meat)
  • Pastor (Like tacos al pastor)
  • Cochinita pibil
  • Pollo (Chicken) and more.


There is no Taco Bell in Mexico so if you have eaten there be ready for facing a true taco. The tortilla is not crispy, it’s malleable therefore you need to have the skill to grab one and not spill it all over your plate. The most popular option is “Tacos al Pastor”.


The form fact is the same anywhere you go however the flavor is the key. Tortilla with avocado, refried beans, a touch of rice, lettuce and a big portion of meat.


It’s like a small tortilla but thicker with meat, cream, red onion and lettuce on top.  Sold in a package of 3.


An elongated tortilla with refried beans on the base, on top… you guessed it. Meat, onion, avocado, cheese, lettuce and some times tomatoes.

Super Tortas

This double size baguette  is more than enough for one person with 25 cm long and 15 cm width makes it a colossal food.  Bread on top and bottom with refried beans, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado cheese and meat make it a perfect way to go if you are starving. Believe me!

Salbutes y Panuchos

The difference between both is the refried beans and the rest it’s exactly the same. Small fried tortilla with meat, lettuce, tomato, avocado and onion on top.


A combination of soup with hominy, meat (pork or chicken) seasoned with lettuce, onion, garlic, oregano, powered chili and radishes. There are many variant as the soup could be white, green or red and all of them are god damn good!

Elotes y Esquites

Boiled corn with a stick at the bottom (to hold it), mayonnaise and cheese on top if you want why not powdered chili. This is an elote. The esquite is basically the same but in a cup.  Remember to add lemon, always lemon.


If you have some space left you can grab one sweet dessert on your way home.


 The most popular dessert/sweet in Cancún. It’s like a crispy crepe roll. The classic version is “Queso bola” (cheese) on the inside only and just like with crepes you can mix different flavors. I suggest to to try one Marquesita with cajeta or nutella. I prefer cajeta because it is a mexican sweet made of caramelized goat’s milk. I recorded a video in Merida, Yucantán to show you how is made.

How to make a Marquesita?

I am 100% sure that you will go more than once to try everything and I won’t blame you. 😉