About Me


I am Eder Pulido (a.k.a Jonatan) originally from Mexico. I am 26 years old and I have been living in Poland for the last 2 years. I have a lovely Polish wife and a son.

My first contact with Poland was in 2013  when I had the opportunity to take a scholarship in Europe. At that moment I was unsure about everything – which university, city, country, currency, lifestyle… I read general overviews of each country – Spain, UK, France…

It only made me even more unsure what to do.

And I thought to myself – I am a guy born in a 20K people city who has never been outside of the country. I have a huge opportunity ahead of me. So I’d better choose wisely and spend my days in an unknown place, so I can enjoy it more”.

Now, I know there are way more unknown places in the world than Poland. But it was mandatory to choose a European country. Also I wanted to have a possibility to travel around Schengen area and visit “the classic places” like Spain, Germany, France…

Eventually, I ended up with Czech Republic and Poland on top of my list. Luckily I was accepted by Wroclaw University of Technology ( a.k.a Politechnika Wroclawska).

I stayed there for 6 months from February till July. I had a lot of fun, clubbed every day, met people from all around the world and I studied (when I had a free while…). I attended Polish language courses but it was too difficult. I could only order food at that time. I went to a lot of museums to get to know Polish history.

I didn’t feel completely foreign here. I was amazed by the place.

All the parties and good friends made me feel like home. However, I wasn’t fully aware of the cultural differences between Mexico and Poland. I wasn’t a part of the society.

It changed when I got married to a Pole. I became a part of a traditional Polish family and I started learning more about Poland and its culture, the way people live and lived, the way they think and why they behave the way they do. I learned how crazy a true Polish wedding can be and how crazy the parties are, how much vodka and beer a man can drink (women also!) along with other details I learn day by day.

I guess I can sum up my “biography” with;
Welcome to my page. Be my guest and take a look at my funny stories, tasty food, amazing places and a big chunk of my life. I will share not only my point of view but also how beautiful Poland is and why I think it is an amazing place to spend time and live in.

Thank you very much for your visit. See you in the next post.


Poland, a country to be discovered.

You can always contact me via email: mexicaninpoland@gmail.com